Friday, March 6, 2015


I've been doing status updates and publishing life events for the past few years on Facebook only. I just got back from a Pearl Coast meeting where blogger was being discussed, and I realized I've been letting this sit idle too long. I have also stopped using my alt email address in order to simplify things in my life. I gave myself admin rights here, so I am planning on posting through my primary account from now on. I should also be doing Marshal reporting on the as soon as I am given authoring permission.

Last weekend saw me at a fighter practice for the first time in about a year. My calves are still sore from the drills and movement that I haven't done for too long. Still, I was motivated to go out and finally complete a training pell. It is about 80% completed. I'm really looking forward to getting out and practicing the basics. Muscle memory is important.

I need to contact the Drachenwald KEM to renew my authorizations in Heavy Combat and Marshalling so that I can start training others over here in Abu Dhabi. I'm only planning on staying a few more years, and it would be nice to leave a functional Shire when I leave. Although there are so many different aspects to the SCA, fighting is an attention getter. If we want to do recruitment demos, we need a few fighters to attract attention. I think I will also work on Rapier authorization. I have found a Fencing club here in the UAE, and I believe there may be some crossover interest.

That is all for now. Lets see if I can keep the posts going now.