Friday, September 4, 2009

Back for more

I really haven't been using this blog the way I wanted to. I will try to be more proactive. Jo's tweeting reminded me I originally wanted to use this as a journal to keep tabs on what has been happening.

In the past 2 years I have recieved a Silver Oak for brewing, and two of my guilds (now combined into one) have recieved Purple Frettys. I have moved from the Midrealm to Drachenwald, and spent the last Pennsic camping with friends from back in Ayreton and Ealdormere.

This past week I had dinner with some new friends in Frankfurt, Germany. I was also contacted by an individual in Dubai who is an authorized fighter He is interested in getting more active here in the UAE. A brief discussion was had about the possibility of starting a shire or stronghold here. One of the names for the new group is 'Shat al Lulu', which is arabic for 'The Pearl Coast.' Something with Falcons or Peregriens might also be appropriate.