Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Works in progress

There was supposed to be a fighter practice tonight, but as seems to be the case lately life is intruding. At least it wasn't my life, this time. Tancorix, Richard and Bojei all have work or work related issues tonight. Ansel is continuing to work on his helm in order to be able to get back in armour. Maybe next week.

To make up for not having practice tonight, I went and took a gravity reading on a Ginger Saison I brewed at the end of last month. I got the recipe from Extreme Brewing.

I was expecting a gravity reading of around 1.015, but instead have a reading of 1.026. I am not sure why I am fermenting so slowly, but that seems to be a theme with everything I have been brewing. I suspect it is the temperature in my basement, which is a constant 65 deg F. That might be just a little cold, however John Palmer, author of How To Brew, recommends a fermentation temperature of 60-70 deg F. I have sent out a call for help on the Yahoo! groups SCA brew and Bathtub Brewers.

I also followed up on an order I placed with Sir Vitus for a shield he had on sale on the Armour Archive. I feel like a kid waiting for a Christmas present.

Please follow the links above to get a better idea of how I am living my current middle ages. I will continue to post links as a kind of blog shorthand to keep my posts short and readable.

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