Tuesday, June 5, 2007

FP and Border Skirmish updates

It seems we are having a repeat of last summer's scheduling snafu for fighter practice. We were informed at the last minute of the loss of our practice site for the summer. Fortunately I was able to find a suitable alternative almost immediately. We only lost 1 night's practice. The new site is an outdoor will also allow us to practice more effectively. There is also a large shelter on the site which will allow us to hold practice even during inclement weather.

On the brewing front, I ordered a drinking horn from Raymond's Quiet Press as a prize for the Populace Choice Brewing Competition. It wasn't my original idea to have a horn as a prize, but it just kind of fell into place. I think it will be better than what I had originally intended. I just don't know if it will be appropriate as a revolving prize. It may have to remain with the champion and a new prize acquired for next year.

That leads me to believe that we should consider an entry fee for next year's competition. I haven't looked at the other SCA Guilds out there to see if they are doing this or not. At the time, I'm not sure how well that will go over. I will admit I was hoping for more responses from the local guild members before now about helping out with this years competition. It's probably just nerves. I feel responsible for the brewing activities, and want to have a successful event. I just need to relax and let it happen.

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